Monday, March 19, 2012

Running with the kids

I took the kids on my 3.5 mile run today. After their dentist appointments, we drove over to Cleary Lake Park. The paved trail around the park is about 3.5 miles. It seemed like an easy way to try out running with three kids and to know what the distance was. I didn't want to fiddle with figuring out when to turn around. 

We got over there, got the stroller all set up and plopped the three kids into the Double BOB. The baby gets one seat, and the bigger two duke it out for who gets to sit in the front of the stroller--where the feet usually go. This time our oldest girl got the front. 

We headed out clockwise around the lake from the golf club. The plan was to run around the lake and then decide if we should play at the playground or go home for lunch. 

Let me tell you: pushing 90-100 pounds of kid up slight inclines is hard work. And it felt like I was going into the wind every direction I turned.

To pass the time (like trying to breathe wasn't work enough), we sang songs. We did "what does 'light' start with?" We looked for beavers, deer, frogs, and birds. We said Hi to everyone we met. They drank lemonade and ate apple slices. 

By the way, I wanted everyone we met to congratulate me on this fabulous work I was doing--getting out there to get my run in with three kids. Being all educational and fun about it. 

At exactly 2 miles, the baby had had enough. She started screaming. I got frantic. Plus I was hot, sweaty, tired, and brain-fried from trying to teach preschool while I was running. She cried for a while; I think I hollered a bit to "Stop touching the baby! She's going to sleep!" "Stop trying to pull your sister's hair!" "Stop grabbing his toy!" LET'S JUST GET DONE!! 

We got done. Got back in the car. Got home. The baby didn't stay asleep or go back to sleep when I tried to lay her down. The kids didn't want watermelon, apples, and pizza. They wanted mac & cheese for the 100th time this week. I wanted to take a shower before the Window Replacement Guy showed up. And get that baby to lay down. And put the clothes in the dryer. It was a messy hour. Left me thinking that I will NEVER take the kids on a run like that again. 

But I only have two miles tomorrow. It wasn't that bad. And we can bring along a lunch for at the park. And it's so nice to run outside instead of on the treadmill. And maybe I'll take a Chill Pill right away in the morning instead of waiting until I freak out at my kids--who, by the way, were just acting like kids. Besides, I feel like a Bada** for running with three kids. "Yeah, I'm tough!" I might need these socks for my next run with the kids.  

3.32 miles = 41:26 minutes
Mile 1 = 11:44
Mile 2 = 12:19
Mile 3 = 13:33
.32 miles = 4:03

12:30 average pace

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