Sunday, April 29, 2012

13.1 Training - Week 9 - 4/29

Yuck, what a weird few weeks. I need to get back on the wagon. Maybe I'll commit to doing EVERY workout next week. :)

Sunday - run 8: I had to make up my long run from Friday, so I headed out around Cleary Lake by myself while Jeremy took the kids to Target. I had problems with the watch, but thankfully, I noticed it while I was still in the neighborhood. I stopped and got the satellites and took off again. But that little miss totally changed my mile markers. At 4 miles, I ate some Honey Stinger, which I love. Yum! I had a mild panic attack at about 5 miles--thinking there is NO WAY EVER that I'll be able to run more than twice that distance. Jeremy & the kids found me at 6 miles. That was totally encouraging. I might have cried a little about how hard it is to run that long. I was working hard; I didn't walk at all! But then, I only had two miles left, and that's easy. So I made my way home. Ivy met me down the block with blue PowerAde. And she said, "Mom, let's run faster!" When I sat down on the front steps, sport drink never tasted so good.
8 miles = 1:33:52 (11:21, 11:31, 11:31, 11:41, 11:36, 12:06, 11:45, 12:18)

Monday - run 5: I didn't take a watch, and I'd never run 5 miles before. My long runs have been longer and none of my short runs have been this long. So I got to the place I turn around for 4.5 miles and went "one song farther." It seems like that'd be the right distance. It took about an hour, but I'm not real sure on when I left. It was a good run.

Tuesday - run 3: Jeremy & I took all three kids to the running club and did 3 miles. Ivy ran a bunch and did great. It drizzled just a little. We have my sister's Instep single jogger, which is not easy to push. So we've borrowed a brand new Instep single jogger that also isn't easy to push. If we decide to keep running with the kids, we might have to fork over a small fortune for the single BOB revolution stroller. It's ridiculous that it's easier to push two kids in the BOB than one kid in the Instep.

Wednesday - Nothing. Skipped a 5 mile run. I think it was super windy, so Bethany and I opted not to take the kids. Then time just got away.

Thursday - Accidently Nothing. I was going to go with the running club, but then it was the first ride for the Great Scott Cycling Club.

Friday - off: I thought about doing the Jillian Michael's dvd just for something to do, but then I ended up taking Livy to the doctor. And then it was packet pick up for the Get in Gear 10k.

Saturday - Get in Gear 10k: Skipped it. It was raining/sleeting and about 35 degrees.

Weekly Total: 16 miles

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  1. So now you've run twom8-milers. You are ready Freddy! You probably don't feel it but you could do the 13.1 if you had to.