Sunday, May 13, 2012

13.1 Training - Week 11 - 5/13

I'm in the midst of a slump--I currently hate running and would back out of Fargo if I could. BTW, Fargo is in a week.

Sunday: I was going to do my long run up in Osakis. But it rained all morning. The plan was to go to church and then get dropped off 10 miles from Osakis. I was going to run the trail home. Livy woke up with a fever. Then she puked all over me. So, I decided to skip church with her. And that threw off the whole day. And then it was raining. Hard all morning. At 12:30, people suggested I go for my run. But I was in a funk already with sick baby. And then to change, drive to town, etc. I wouldn't have started running until 1:30. It'd take almost 2 hours to run 10 miles. So then it's 3:30. We didn't want to leave Osakis in the late afternoon, so that was too late. Besides, that baby cried if I put her down or if someone else even looked at her.

Monday: I woke up sick. And Livy is still sick. Thank goodness both Bethany and Marilla were here. Livy puked again. And then she & I slept about 10 hours during the day. It tired me out to take a shower. And she cried all day unless she was sleeping.

Tuesday - run 3: It's been a full week since I've done a run. I feel better. Livy seems better, but still very tired. I did three on the treadmill. I swear running on the treadmill is harder than outside. And as much as I hate running these days, it sure feels good to be done.

Wednesday: We walked around the MN Zoo for 4 hours. That counts as some sort of work out, right?

Thursday - run 3: I ran outside--walked out as Jeremy was walking in. I felt great. It was nice!
3 miles = 31:46 (10:38, 10:20, 10:45) a 10:35 pace!

Friday - off: Hallelujah!

Saturday - run 11: Oh Lordy! I am tired. My body is exhausted. Thankfully, there were no mental issues. I never thought "I'm not going to make it." That being said, I stopped at the porto at 4.75 and 8 miles. My tummy was having a rough day. And then my lovely Jeremy & Ivy met me at the exit of the park with Racing Juice! That was the best ever!!
10.9 miles = 2:18:15 (11:15, 11:35, 11:52, 12:44, 12:39, 12:31, 13:08, 13:42, 13:30, 13:04, 13:32) 12:41 pace

Weekly Total: 17 miles!

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