Sunday, May 20, 2012

Race Review: Fargo 13.1

What a great weekend! I did it! I feel a little bad that I had to walk so much the last half and missed my goal by 17 minutes. But I did run the first half ... on pace. Do the Distance was my mantra, and I did it. Here are my official results.

Getting to Fargo

We left Prior Lake after the kids' swimming lessons at 11. Got to Osakis around 1 to drop off the bikes and hang out with Levi & Ally for a little bit. Then we all loaded up and drove to Fargo. About 10 miles into the drive, I said, "It feels like we've been in the car forever. And we're only on the other side of Alex?" We got to the hotel, checked in, and put swimming suits on the kids. Jeremy, Bethany, & I went over to the Fargo Dome for packet pick up.

Packet Pick Up
There was a lot of traffic due to the 5k and the spaghetti & lefse dinner. It took nearly 45 minutes to drive 10 miles. Once we parked, getting in and getting our packets was no big deal. We saw the finish line and have decided not to send the stroller with my mom in the morning. We made some posters/signs and Bethany and I bought shirts from One More Mile. Mine says "Race Day Strategy: Start off slow then back off." Bethany's says "this isn't sweat, it's liquid awesome." My hugest bummer is that there were no cow bells. I think every race should have huge bins of free cow bells with the race logo on them at every entrance so there's lots of noise. And those thunder sticks.

Got my packet

Finish line inside the Fargo Dome


Hanging out at the Hotel
We all stayed in 4 rooms at the AmericInn Hotel in Moorhead. The kids loved swimming, and I especially loved having joining rooms with my mom. We opened the joining doors so she didn't even have to really wake up when we left for the race. It was excellent!

Pre-Race Morning Stuff
Livy was awake or sleeping fitfully all night. I felt like I was awake from 1-3:30. Jeremy took her at 4, and she fell right to sleep. We got up at 5, got changed, told my mom that we were leaving, and then met Stu & Bethany in the lobby for breakfast. I ate a bagel with peanut butter, some apple juice, and a small cup of coffee. I took a banana but I only ate one bite. I've realized I can't get on Jamey's case about not eating bananas. I don't like them either. We got over to the Fargo Dome super easy. Checked Jeremy's bag and then found my cousin Sarah. We stood around chatting while the 10k started and then got lined up for our start. Sarah was way at the front. Then Jeremy at the 1:45 pace guy. Bethany got in with the 2:15 pacers, and I hoofed it all the way back to the 2:30 group.

Passed out with Daddy

The Race
I did not bring the camera on the race, because I was nervous about the rain. I'm eager to see the official race photos. I lined up with the 2:30 pace group. It took about five minutes for us to get to the start line. I started the Garmin as we headed off. I was surprised to see that the pacers took off at 10:30 pace (instead of 11:30). And they kept getting faster. I'm sure they evened out, but I was disappointed by that. I kept on pace with 11:30s until halfway. There was a time clock, and I hit it at 1:12, which is just about right. At 6.5-7 miles, I hit the wall. I was done! It was a bad idea to leave my iPod at home. I needed my own music. I was kind of keeping an eye out for a short cut or an ambulance. I was so tired. And then I got to 9 miles and found a running buddy. I had been following her for a while, and she just started chatting with me. It was super nice to have someone to run with. I remember telling her, "Only 4 miles to go!" Then we hit the 10 mile mark, and "Anyone can run a 5k!" Shortly after that, I saw Jeremy jogging toward me. That was excellent! My buddy stopped to walk, and Jeremy & I headed to the end. I did take a short pit stop around the 11 mile mark. I have to figure out what causes my tummy trouble on long runs. Jeremy split off from me as we turned into the Fargo Dome parking lot--because the finish was blocked off with metal barricades and he didn't want to run through the finish line again. As I hit the 13 mile mark, I saw and heard my mom cheering and waving. I almost cried! Running 13.1 is very hard work. Then I got into the Fargo Dome and heard Stu yell my name. I looked up to the right and waved. I saw the whole group wave back, and I raised my hands over my head as I crossed the finish line. The rest is a blur of getting my medal, chugging some chocolate milk, and trying to find the family.

Splits (according to the Garmin): 2:46:10. 12:31 pace. 13.27 miles. (1-10:47, 2-11:12, 3-11:31, 4-11:49, 5-12:04, 6-12:19, 7-12:56, 8-12:50, 9-12:27, 10-13:56, 11-14:30, 12-13:36, 13-13:32, .27-9:51)

Nipple Guards :) 

Old Number 7

We did it!

Jeremy surprised me with a magnet for my car. I love it!

Suggestions for Improvements
1. The music wasn't as fabulous as I expected.
2. Better/more food after the race (there were dinner rolls, nutter butters, & pizza)
3. Walking up two flights of stairs to get off the Fargo Dome floor is torture after running that far.

Favorite Signs along the Route
Your legs hurt because you're kicking so much ass
Worst parade ever
Run like to you stole something
You trained longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage

Post-Race Party
After we got back to Osakis, Levi, Ally, Jeremy & me, Bethany and Sam all went up to Sixth Avenue Wine and Ale for celebratory drinks (Sam had root beer). Levi & Ally are in MN for a couple weeks before they ship off to Germany for 3 years.

Lots of special love to my mom for watching the kids and coming out to cheer, to Uncle Stu for cheering super loud when I ran in to the Fargo Dome (and Scott, Vicki & Sarah for cheering, too), and especially to Jeremy for running back out to Mile 10 to run the last 3 with me. All that love and support made the race!!

That, and when we got home today, Ivy gave me a High 5 and said, "Mom, that's for your perfect race!"

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