Monday, November 21, 2011

Race Review: Turkey Trot 5k

In the week leading up to the race, I lost all motivation to work out or eat well. Plus the baby was awake until 2-3 am every night. So, I was not confident going into the race.

We got to Dakotah around 7:30. My sister & I picked up our shirts, numbers, and timing chips. The chips used zip ties to attach to our shoe laces. I wasn't sure how they were going to cut them off at the end.

It was freezing cold! Literally. 31 degrees.

We started way closer to the front of the pack. The whole race was run at the golf course. A major problem with treadmill training is no hills. The whole golf course is, of course, hills.

It was hard. I should've sucked it up and done my midweek runs and skipped the boxes of Oreos and bags of m&ms. The whole race felt hard.

I took fewer walk breaks though and they were shorter. And I sprinted at the end for a 36:03 finish. That's about a minute faster than Gray Ghost.

I was vowing to never run in the cold again but after doing better than last time, I might want to do the Dreidel Dash in Dec.

My hubby & kids were there at the start shaking the cowbells and we saw them again at the finish. Our 4 yr old ran the last bit, so next time, if it works out, I'll have to grab her to run with me across the line.

The post-race snack nazi wouldn't let my kids have cookies or juice, so my sister & I passed off our snacks to them. It was a fun morning and I'm looking forward to more racing.

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