Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Goals

1. Join a running club - group run 1/week
I think it will be good for me as a runner and as a social person to run with some other people. I'm hoping they'll push me to go faster and farther. Plus, I'd like to make some friends who enjoy running and racing. I'm checking out Renegade Runners or the group at our local Running Room

2. Race a month
I thought up this goal for my hubby last year, and now he's given it to me. Having a race every month is great motivation to keep going. And it's a great marker for how far I've come. 

3. Swim with Genesis Aquatics 2/week
My half marathon training program and my marathon training program call for cross-training. Back before we had kids, we swam with Genesis Aquatics a few times a week. It got hard for me to go after the kids were born, but my hubby has been swimming with them for six months or so. I'm going to start up in March, after our baby is 6-months old. We'll figure out if I'll bring the baby to sit in her carseat on the pool deck or if she'll stay home with Daddy. But I'm swimming Tues & Thurs mornings--probably at 6:30.

4. Meet my goal weight of 123-154. 
According to the internet, my ideal weight is 139. To be honest, I'll be happy with 150. To help facilitate losing the weight, I'm going to use the LoseIt app on the phone to keep track of my caloric intake. 

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