Friday, December 23, 2011


Slowly but surely, my beverage options are being taken away from me. The more reading I do, the less I want to put all these chemicals and dyes in me. I'm trying to be healthier and get more from my body. And if I want better results, I have to put in better fuel. It's not worth it to me to ingest all that junk.

Why I'm not drinking regular pop:
Flame Retardants A friend posted this article on Facebook a while ago. After reading it, I decided I just can't put that in my bod.

Why I'm not drinking diet pop:
Formaldehyde I read this the other day, and I'd rather avoid putting this junk into my body.

Why I'm not drinking Crystal Light:
Chemicals My hubby went to war against Crystal Light many months ago. He doesn't like all the chemicals, saying that there's nothing even remotely natural about it. It's just chemicals and coloring. And his real issue is that we were drinking 6-7 gallons of it every week. And it was all our 2 yr old would drink. I think, in moderation, Crystal Light is okay if it helps you drink more water. But then, the chemicals. Ack!

Why I'm not drinking lemonade, koolaid, etc:
Sugar. Even at Caribou, I get the small Northern Lite Latte (sugar free syrup, skim milk, no whip). I have other issues with artificial sweeteners that I'll address some other time.

So, what am I drinking?
Tea, coffee, and lot and lots of water. Every once in a while, I'll have some milk or fruit juice. And during training, I'll have sport drink.

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