Monday, December 19, 2011

Race Review: Dreidel Dash 5k

Hey, I PRed! My goal was 35 minutes, and I did 35:22. I'd have hit that 35 mark, but our little 2 yr old wanted to run the last bit with me. And, truth be told, I was all too happy to slow to his pace.

We got up to St. Paul and registered in a shorter amount of time than I was planning on. I mean, after registering, we still had 90 minutes to spare. So we went to Smashburger. This may be my new favorite place. It's one of two restaurants I know the kids will eat at (the other is Chipotle). The black bean burger is the best I've ever had. LOVE IT!

After eating lunch, my sister dropped the hubby & me off at the start and took the van & kids to the finish. We mulled around a bit and then off we went.

The first mile was fast. We passed lots of people. I think it ended up being a 9:40 mile. The second was 12 and the third was 11:30 or so.

My next scheduled 5k isn't until May, so I'm going to have to find some other races.

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