Saturday, January 21, 2012

Running Tips

I read these on the Ben Does Life site a long time ago. I just found them copied into a note on my phone, so here they are. 
  • Download a training plan.  
  • Don’t do too much too soon. Build it up.
  • Commit to your short runs with as much devotion as your long run and vice versa. 
  • Hydrate even when you’re not running. 
  • Set realistic goals. 
  • Get fitted for shoes at your local running store. No two feet are the same. 
  • Keep your toenails short; they will be less likely to fall off if they are short. 
  • Always speed up when a member of the opposite sex runs by. 
  • Increase your distance by 10% each week at most.
  • Stretch. But, if you’re a dude, wear stretch-appropriate shorts. 
  • Rollerblading is cooler than people admit. 
  • Always take at least one day of rest. Don’t overtrain. 
  • RICE method! Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevators. Take the elevator. 
  • If you’re running with a partner and you’re faster than him, you have an obligation to stick together. If you’re slower than him, put laxatives in the jerk’s oatmeal. lol. 
  • Keep running. 

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