Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finding Time to Run

I've been experimenting with the time of day I run. It's never easy. Housework, play dates, and school have to happen. And now, we're looking at scheduling Kindergarten in the fall, and everything I do in the house and with the kids and for my own social sanity affects when I can work out. This baby is still new, so maybe I need to cut myself some slack.

Early Mornings
Next to impossible to get out of bed without the baby waking up. Also, the kids sense me get out of bed and come sidling up next to me asking for breakfast no matter how early I get up. I have no idea how I'm going to make swimming work, but here's hoping.

Mid Mornings
My mornings always involve chores like emptying and refilling the dishwasher, getting breakfast, getting the kids dressed & combed, making coffee, drinking a cup of coffee without getting off the couch (ha ha!), entertaining the kids with coloring, school work, painting, playing with the princesses and cars, getting out a snack, finding the sippy cups, putting the baby down for a nap, and then making lunch. There is never time to run & shower mid morning. Ever. Can not make it work.

Early Afternoon
I can do this. If I put the baby down for a nap, I can turn on a movie for the Big 2. Then I can get in a good 30-50 minute run and still have time to shower before the baby wakes up. The only drag about this system is that if we have any social activities planned, the run goes out the door. And I don't mean I run outside; it means I don't run.

Late Afternoon
I can really make this work if I'm on top of making dinner early. And if the baby cooperates. And if I'm okay that I might have to take a shower after dinner.

After Bedtime
Seriously, I just want the baby to go to sleep at 8 and not wake up until 2 or so. If I had any time away from the kids, I'd be more interested in a late run. The Big 2 go to bed at 8, but the baby is still awake until 10 or so. We're working on changing that, but ACK! it's hard.

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