Friday, January 6, 2012

Why I run

  • I want to lose weight. I have a big weight-loss goal, and running is an easy, inexpensive, convenient way to get a solid cardio workout.
  • I want to do something not everyone does: run marathons. 
  • I want to feel strong.
  • I want to look good. 
  • Races are a lot of fun. I enjoy getting out there--everyone is so friendly and encouraging. There's a real camaraderie on the course.
  • I enjoy doing something that not everyone does. Running seems to be getting popular, but I still know a lot of people who don't run and don't race. 
  • I don't want our kids to ever struggle with their weight. I think seeing me running and racing will encourage them to be active. 
  • I don't ever want to be on medicine for blood pressure or cholesterol or anything else long term.
  • Exercising helps alleviate stress.

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