Friday, February 3, 2012


Even though we're doing a pretty good job of eating a varied healthy diet, I worry that I'm not getting the right vitamins, especially because I'm nursing. I've been taking prenatals off and on for 5 years now. Always when I'm pregnant, but I get lax about it when I'm nursing or nothing.

I've been doing some reading online and in that women's running book about what vitamins women need, especially for pregnancy & nursing and athletes.

It seems like there's debate about the necessity of vitamins or what type of vitamins.
  • Capsules, gels, caplets, gummies, liquid? 
  • Organic, vegan, conventional? 
  • What does your body absorb better? 
  • What vitamins and minerals should be combined for best use?
  • What should not be combined? 
I have to be honest, I think something is better than nothing. After doing all this reading, I still have no idea what is best, and I don't really know how to make that decision. I'm not interested in spending $180 a month on vitamins. 

Maybe a problem is that I don't feel bad. I'm not achy or sore in my joints. I'm not exhausted or dragging. Maybe that means I'm getting the right nutrients. 

I just think I need to be taking a prenatal for the good of the baby. I know a probiotic helps my innards. And EVERYONE talks about how great Omega 3s are, so I must need it. 

A friend on Facebook was talking about Vitacost and how she gets great prices there. So, I ordered some Acidophilus and prenatals with DHA. And put them on autoship, so I'll always have some in the house.

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