Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's on my iPod? v.1

I have a little purple Shuffle that I use when I'm running. I think it's easier to carry than the iPhone in the big huge arm band. Plus, I'd have to take the Otterbox off my phone if I were going to stick it in an armband. And those things weren't designed to come off.

Here's what was on it for today's run:

Big Star Machine by Superchick
Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz
Fernando by Abba
Ha Ha You're Dead by Green Day
Little Ghost by The White Stripes
Mamma Mia by Abba
My Name in Jonas by Weezer
Super Trooper by Superchick
Theme from Summer by All Star United
Waterloo by Abba

It's 32 minutes of sing-along music, which is what I need on the treadmill. But I don't keep the same music for too long, so stay tuned! In fact, I'm updating it as I type.

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