Saturday, March 17, 2012

Race Review: Get Lucky 7k

My Sister and I ran the Get Lucky 7k this morning in downtown Minneapolis. For those of you who don't know, 7k is about 4.4 miles. I did 4 miles last weekend in 45 minutes, so I was shooting for this 7k in 50. I was super nervous last night. Even in the car this morning, I thought I was going to throw up. This was the longest race I've ever done, and maybe the farthest I've ever run. Despite all my obsessive planning, I got up 30 minutes late and felt rushed getting out of the house. We were all dressed, we all ate breakfast, the adults all got coffee, and there were snacks packed for the kids. So it was all good, but I was still nervous.

Sister and I hopped out of the car before we parked because I was super nervous about being late. 

While we were getting to the starting corrals, my Hubby uncarred the kids and walked over.

It was a crowded race. It took me almost 10 minutes to cross the Start Line. I mean, there were a ton of people.

I ran until the water stop at 2.5 miles. And I felt like a pro going through the water stop. I grabbed two cups--poured one on my head and took a sip from the other. There were 10 water tables, so I grabbed another cup off the last table for one more sip. It was so hot for Minnesota in March. Honestly, I think it was 70. That's a nice summer day here, never mind early spring.

I felt like a professional racer, like my sister-in-law, who takes pictures during all of her races. 

After the water stop is when I noticed the watch had "stopped working." I have no idea what happened: how it got to the compass or how to get it back to the main screen. I wanted to see my time, distance, and pace. I now know to lock the bezel, but seriously, whose stupid design is it that will change screens like that? I walked some right after the water stop to fix the view. I couldn't figure it out, so I got disgusted and ran. Then got to a "huge hill" and walked a bit more.

I texted my Hubby at 5k to tell him where I was. That must've been about the time my Sister was finishing. Then I hoofed it to the end. It was fun to see them all cheering close to the finish line. The kids didn't get to run the last bit with me--too crowded. But I did give our Oldest Daughter a High 5 as I ran by.
Trying to find the medals and water

We got our medals and water and then walked up to the snack area for some bananas and cracked black pepper Lays.


Close up of the medal

Because the watch "stopped working," I wasn't sure what my time was. It was exactly an hour when I crossed the finish line, but with all the time waiting to start, I didn't know how I'd done. When I got the results email in the afternoon, I was super excited to see 49:46! 14 seconds faster than my goal. And it would've been even faster, but that stupid Garmin!

It was a fun race. I feel like I did great. I'm looking forward to the Get in Gear 10k in April!

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  1. Great job. That is a fantastic medal! Minnesota weather was all the talk at my in-laws today because it's so unseasonably warm.