Sunday, March 11, 2012

13.1 Training - Week 2 - 3/11

Sunday - yoga: I didn't put in the DVD. I just did a few back stretches and used the foam roller on my hips and back. Gosh, that feels good.

Monday - run 3: I ran the whole 3 miles without stopping!! No walk breaks! I guess it wasn't the treadmill at the Y. :) We have guessed maybe it's harder running in our basement because it's hot down there. So, I turned off the heat about 45 minutes before I was planning to go down there. And then instead of turning on a movie or Sprout for the kids, I let them paint at the kitchen table (unsupervised) for 40 minutes. This is what I found when I walked upstairs.

I think it helped that I didn't have them hanging on the treadmill or trying to talk to me or drink all of my water. And the new playlist helped. It doesn't matter to me if the music is fast or slow. I need music I like to sing along with or can zone out and think to. And there's just something about Johnny Cash. 
3 miles = 35 minutes plus 5 minutes cool down. 

Tuesday - run 2: I did it! Again, without walking. The Baby started crying with about 8 minutes to go, but I hoped she would go back to sleep. She's got a nasty cold, with watery drippy eyes and a soggy nose. I really wanted her to sleep. She didn't. I finished my run before I went to get her, feeling guilty for letting her cry, but feeling good for finishing my run.
2 miles = 23 minutes (11:30 miles) plus 2 minutes cool down. 

Wednesday - run 3 & strength: For strength, I used my Sister's weights and did a ton of arm exercises. And I have been working my transverse abdominal muscles throughout the day. I didn't want to get on the treadmill at all, but I'd hit my caloric max for the day so I figured I couldn't skip. It was hard. Alison Krauss' "When You Say Nothing at All" got me through a whole mile--I listened to it 4 times. Then I played Karmin's "Brokenhearted" twice. I told myself I had to run at least 1.5 miles. So I ran two. And the last mile, I walked and ran. Hard day. But I did it, and I feel good.
3 miles = 37:40 minutes (12 minutes first 2 miles; 13:40 last mile)

Thursday - bike 45 minutes: I got the Baby to lay down for her nap and put The Sound of Music on. The Big 2 were not interested in watching at all. They kept asking about the children in the movie and then said, "those aren't children; they're grown ups." And then they hopped on one foot for about 20 minutes trying to knock each other over. That made the time on the bike go pretty quickly.

Friday - off: I love it! But it feels weird to not have anything on the schedule. I did my hair and put on makeup first thing in the morning though, because I could. :)

Saturday - run 4: YAY!! I ran outside on this gorgeous 60 degree day. It was sunny and a bit windy, but I had to take off my long-sleeved shirt before I hit the first mile. I was HOT. I think I've made it my goal to always run the first half of my miles. So I ran the first two. The last 1/2 mile was tough. How's this for gross--dirty snow is not a good replacement for water. I was dying. So I grabbed two tiny fistfuls--as clean as I could spot and disregarded the crunch as it melted in my mouth. YUCK! This was my lesson in hydrating and maybe bringing some water along. On a more fun note, I got to wear my new Ryders sunglasses I won from Steve in a Speedo a few weeks ago. Awesome!

Soon we're off to my Hubby's swim meet with Genesis Aquatics. But first, I'm going to find some water.

PS. This is seriously a record for me. I think the fastest I've ever run. And I feel awesome!

4 miles = 45:20 minutes (10, 11, 12:40, & 11:30)

Weekly Total: 12 miles

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