Sunday, April 1, 2012

13.1 Training - Week 5 - 4/1

This week, I am a real runner, because I wanted to run outside and not on the treadmill. And I rocked my Thursday run!

Sunday - off: I didn't do anything except read The Hunger Games books.

Monday - run 2: Four miles was on the schedule for today. However, Livy is getting her top two front teeth and is biting while she nurses. I have two little cuts on my left boob that hurt a lot. They're like paper cuts--you can barely see them, but the pain bring tears to my eyes. I'm using Motherlove and bandaids so she doesn't do any more damage, but boob wounds take a long time to heal. Every time I stepped with my left foot on the treadmill, it felt like I was being stabbed in the chest. So I made myself go two miles, and we'll hope for something better tomorrow.
2 miles = 24 excruciating minutes

Tuesday - run 4: Bethany and I took decided to go out together and run with the kids. Because I bailed on my run early yesterday, I had to do 4 today. She had 3 on her schedule, but figured 4 was close enough.
Matching outfits (picture by Ivy)

Bethany & Ivy in the borrowed 12-yr old jogger

Me with Jamey & Livy in the BOB jogger

We set out from the house, despite the gusts of wind bending our lilacs almost all the way to the ground. We took the route with the big hill and side streets and still no wind protection. It was a hard run. I mean, seriously, the wind was gusting so bad, we could hardly walk with the strollers, much less run.  We stopped at Memorial Park at the end of the run, and I'm glad it ended up we were going faster than I thought we were. 
Livy got all tuckered out.

We need to get a "new" single jogger or at least a new front tire. It was all pumped up when we left, and it was almost flat when we got to Mile 2. And it wobbles like it's going to just fall off. And it makes a super annoying squeaking noise.
4 miles = 50:29 minutes (12:10, 11:27, 13:12, 13:40)

Wednesday - bike: I just have to say 50 degrees is too cold to bike with the kids. And man, this wind is killing me. Yesterday on the run and today on the bike. I thought I was going to blow to Canada (or whatever direction it was blowing). It seemed like every direction--I was always going into the wind. I piled the kids into the bike--Jamey in the CoPilot seat, and Ivy & Livy in the Burley. Pulling let's say 100 pounds makes for a good workout. We biked down to Cleary Lake, around the lake, and then to Thomas Ryan Park. After the wind and the hills and pulling the kids, my legs were tired. There is this short hill right before you get to Thomas Ryan. I had to get off the bike and walk. My legs would not move any more. We did make it to the playground. :) The kids played for an hour, and then we headed home. Livy fell asleep in the Burley and is still sleeping in the garage. Tomorrow, I'm running on the treadmill. I figure I rode about 10 miles.

Thursday - run 4 & strength: I was feeling like I didn't want to get on the treadmill at all. In fact, I never wanted to run ever again. So, I did some weight work in the morning. Then Jeremy offered to do dinner with the kids so I could get my miles in outside. I started out fast, but the first 1/2 mile always seems hard. But then I just kept going. And going. And going. I felt great after that first little bit. I saw my first mile split and grinned. Then I was going straight into the wind, and it was hard. I saw my second mile split and was okay with that. I missed my third mile split, but saw that my current pace was faster than normal. I decided to see if I could do that last mile in less than 11 minutes. And I did it! I felt great! And super glad I went out.
4 miles = ~44 minutes (10:43, 11:13, 11:14, 10:38)

Friday - off: I love days off! It's so nice to get up and shower, put make-up on, and do my hair. And stay pretty all day long. Nice!

Saturday - off: Unintentionally off. I was planning to run in the morning, but I was sore and tired and a little crabby. So we headed off to spend the day at the zoo. I was going to run when we got home. But man, it was cold and drizzly, and I hadn't eaten anything all day. So I'm going to run my 6 tomorrow.

Weekly Total: 10 miles


  1. Ivy took a pretty good picture!

  2. You were always a real runner :-) These are some solid workouts great job. I think biking into the wind is crazy hard.

    On another note - did you love the Hunger Games? I am going to try to see the movie this week.

  3. I did love The Hunger Games. I'm trying to figure out a way to see the movie, but this baby is making things tricky. It's an entertaining story.