Sunday, April 8, 2012

13.1 Training - Week 6 - 4/8

Halfway there!

Sunday - run 6: Because I missed my long run yesterday, I did it this afternoon. I went out fast on the first mile, not intentionally. It just happened. There were parts of the run that were challenging. Nothing specific, but every once in a while I thought "Ugh, I'm done." Then I'd keep running.
6 miles = ~1:07 (10:30, 11:05, 11:25, 11:47, 11:48, 11:48)

Monday - run 3.2: I was supposed to go 4 miles, but it is getting harder and harder to run on the treadmill. Not so much that it's boring, but the kids fight and hit constantly. I had to break up seven fights in 35 minutes. It was ridiculous. So I just got off and separated them--one to the playroom and one to the table to color. I can't handle the fighting and screaming while I'm running. But dang, it's still so super windy out, I can't push them in the stroller. I took Livy out to put something in the mail, and the wind took her breath away.
3.2 miles = 35 minutes

Tuesday - run 2: We are in the middle of some wind storm here in Prior Lake. It's been gusting and blowing for a week or so, winds so hard that it's nearly impossible to run (with the stroller). So all of my miles this week have been inside. It's not nearly as great as running outside, but it'll have to do. Livy cried the last 6/10ths of a mile. I could hear her over my headphones and the tv show the kids were watching.
2 miles = 22:30 minutes

Wednesday - run 4: Today is about getting the miles in. I'm sick of the treadmill. I'm sick of the kids fighting. I'm sick of the wind.
4 miles = 52:50 minutes

Thursday - run 3: Just a short 3 on the treadmill. I don't even remember how long it took. 35 minutes probably.

Friday - run 6: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I was going to get up at the crack of dawn to go swimming with Jeremy. However, the pool is closed because it's Good Friday. Instead of swimming, Jeremy and I got up at 6:30 to run "together." I had 6 miles, and he had an hour. We started out together, but them he sped off right away. I did my 3, turned around, and then he came up behind me. We finished the last 2 together. It was a great way to start off my birthday!
6 miles = 1:10:30

Saturday - off

In case anyone didn't notice, that was 6 days in a row of running. :)

Weekly Total: 18.2 miles

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  1. 6 days straight ... Sheesh. You are a rock star!