Sunday, April 15, 2012

13.1 Training - Week 7 - 4/15

This has been a tough week in the Solt House. Livy has stopped sleeping, which may be teeth, but who knows? Her being crabby really puts me in a funk. It's been a long week.

Sunday - Nothing. Nada. Except lots of eggs, jelly beans, and Easter M&Ms.

Monday - I was supposed to run 4.5, but I was protesting. Protesting that running during the day takes up my whole day. I'm going to run. I am running. I did run. I should shower. Should I bother showering? Should I put makeup on? Why do I even get dressed in real clothes? I don't like running in the cold. I don't want to race when it's 35 outside. It became obvious that the current schedule wasn't working. So, we discussed, and I'm planning to do my runs after dinner AND I get to take a shower right away. Probably the kids will shower with me, because I'm kind of hijacking bath time. But they love a hot shower.

Tuesday - run 3: I went for a run right after dinner and was a little nervous how I would feel. I felt like junk. Not my stomach, but I felt heavy-footed and clodding. Jeremy had been out for a short bike ride right before dinner, and he suggested I wear long sleeves. I opted to put on his Pearl Izumi windbreaker. Bad Idea! It was flopping and big and my headphones kept getting stuck on the zipper, and then they'd get pulled out of my ears. I was in a running funk. And I missed my first split. So even if I felt like junk, I kept going because I couldn't tell if I was going fast or just felt junky. I had thought I'd do my 4.5 from last night, but once I got going, I knew I was only going to do 3. Sometime, I stopped and tied the jacket around my waist, but it kept slipping around and flapping. I got home feeling funky and hot and a little irritated. Until I looked at my splits! I was faster than ever before! It's amazing how much better that made me feel. All sub-11s!!
3 miles = ~31:30 (10:03, 10:31, 10:49)

Wednesday - I was supposed to run 4.5 again and do some strength training. Instead, we went to the mall to play, bought new water bottles for everyone, had dinner at Smashburger, and then had a meeting at church. Also, Jeremy's car was ready to pick up at the dealership after 2 weeks in the shop. He got there, and they had only done half the work, so they're going to have it for another week. Then we got to talking about savings goals and the budget. Between the two of us, we got Ivy & Jamey bathed and in bed. Livy cried the whole night (off & on). So I held her instead of running. Tylenol didn't even help. I'm guessing she's way overtired. She's on some kind of nap strike. She will not fall asleep, even though she's obviously tired.

Thursday - run 4.65: Running after waffles, hash browns, strawberries, and OJ is not a good idea. Bethany and I ran together after dinner, and it was gross. Our first two miles were decent, but we walked once we hit 2.25 miles, which was supposed to be halfway. We were both feeling Crappy! Then we jogged slower and did a little more walking. Now I know!
4.65 miles = 56:20

Friday - off: I still love off days!

Saturday - run 8: I ran with the Brookwood Running Club this morning. One of the other ladies took off--she's super fast. Bethany and I tried to keep up for about 27 feet. Then we just let them all get ahead. Mostly, I'm joining a running group for the social aspect. It's fun to have other people to run with. Sound like they'll have three group runs every week. I'm hoping to make it to two: Tuesdays and Saturdays.
2 miles = faster than ever  (9:54, 10:38)
Because my long run for this week was 7 miles, later in the afternoon, I went out for a "quick 6." I decided to go the other direction on 21 up to the light at 42. I ended up having to turn down 42 a little ways. Turns out, I went too fast, too many hills, and too long without "race nutrition." I ran the first 4.5 miles. Oh, and the watch was set for Bike Mode. So I didn't get any splits, which is fine, but surprising. I walked a bit at 4.5. Then ran another mile. At 6 miles, I stopped, sat on the curb, and called Jeremy to come to get me.
6 miles = 1:15 (5 miles in 59)

Weekly Total: 15.65

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  1. 8 miles on Saturday! Wow that is awesome. Straight up awesome!