Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Race Review: Chain of Lakes Triathlon

Jeremy & Bethany did the Chain of Lakes Triathlon on May 5 up in Alexandria. These are my thoughts, as a spectator.

  1. Can't they make it warm and sunny?? :) 
  2. It's hard to watch the swim and then run outside to cheer them on to the bike. Because the swim is inside in the pool, there isn't enough time to see them get out of the water and then cheer them as they leave for the bike ride. That is also the case at other races.
  3. It was raining. 
  4. It would be fun to have cowbells given away at every race. We love cowbells. And it promotes wild cheering! 
  5. The racers are spread out a ton, so there weren't very many spectators and no one was cheering. Even at the finish line. Granted, there were only 170 racers, but still. 
  6. It was cold. 
  7. It was SUPER FUN to have other friends there (Cindy Giroux's son Jeff was racing. And Caryn Sutterland came out to cheer on Bethany & Jeremy). 
  8. Super fun to have the family there, too. We got to see Stu & Jolene. My cousin Sarah's husband, son & MIL were doing a relay. Sam, Marilla, & my mom helped with the kids. 
  9. Discovery seems like a fine place to have a race in May. You can't have it at any lake. Transition and the finish line are close together. 
I think that's it. It was fine. It was fun to be there with other people we know to cheer, and fun to see several people we know race. 

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  1. Its fun to see this from your point of view :)