Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A running slump

I am in a running slump. It's been a few weeks of hard runs, low motivation, and plain boredom or dislike.

It's been hard to get runs done. Mornings don't work. During the day is hard. After dinner doesn't work. So it feels like the only good time is after Jeremy gets home and before dinner. If I miss my window, I don't get it done.

When I do run, it sucks. I've had rotten runs lately. I feel slow. I get sick. I want to die because it's so hard. I don't enjoy it.

The running club isn't working out. I was super excited about a small running club with the church. It seemed low-key and fun. They advertised that runners and walkers of all abilities could come. Bring strollers and dogs. We'll hang out and have fun afterwards. That is not at all how it is. There are 3-5 other runners. They range from 7-9 minute miles. They don't run together. And then we don't talk afterwards. They're all standing in the parking lot waiting for me to come huffing up and then everyone leaves. I don't even know anyone else's name. It's not fun for me to go run much slower than everyone else and then go home. I can do that at home.

I don't have a watch. Maybe this shouldn't matter. But I hate asking to borrow a watch every time I want to run. But how else will I know how far I've gone?

Basically, it feels like this horrid chore every day. 5 days a week, anyway.


  1. I know you've been struggling lately, and you've run into some roadblocks, but you're doing really well!

    I remember a specific facebook post "I just went out and ran 7 miles. No biggie :)"

    Be proud of where you've come, you're doing great! You're about to hit a huge milestone!

  2. That was a lie. :) I'm hoping to do my 3 sometime. And I might just get the treadmill set up again, so it's an option.