Sunday, June 3, 2012

Marathon Training week 1

And it starts!!

Sunday - Sam's graduation party!

Monday - Run 5: I did a cruddy 5 miles on the trail in Osakis. I was slow, tired, hot. I felt awful.

Tuesday - Run 3: I had a GREAT three miles. It felt good to be feeling good again.

Wednesday - Walk 5: Ivy & Jamey are spending the week with Grandma, so it was easy to go for a walk with Livy today. Instead of my run, I walked the five miles with her. It was super nice out, and she had a blast. Chatty and laughing the whole time. It took forever, because I'm not a speed walker, but I'm glad we went.

Thursday - Run 3: I ran with Livy--all alone in the double jogger. :) It was a nice "early morning" run.

Friday - off

Saturday - Run 8-ish: I had another hard workout. This time, instead of being upset that I needed to walk and felt super slow, I embraced it. There has to be a reason that the last month or so has been really hard for me--running-wise. So I walked a bunch and was alone with my thoughts. It was good for me to slow down and do some thinking instead of trying to power through and then feeling rotten and guilty about a bad run. I hope next week gets better for running, but I'm okay with working through this slump.

Weekly Total: 24 holy cow!

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