Sunday, June 10, 2012

Marathon Training week 2

My most exciting news this week is that I'm on a team for the Ragnar Relay in August 2013--next year. I can't leave Livy overnight yet; she's still doing a lot of night nursing. A mom I know is putting together a team--maybe of all women.

Sunday - Sunday is the day of rest!

Monday - walk 3: It was 85 today! And we had our new front window installed, so I had to get the kids away from the house for most of the day. Part of that was walking to the post office to buy some stamps.

Tuesday - run 3: Bethany and I ran 3 miles after she got home from class. It was late, started at 8:50, but it was fun. She's a good rabbit!

Wednesday - run 3: Bethany and I went out again after she got home. It's been a good couple runs with someone else. I'm enjoying it.

Thursday - run 3: hmm. I skipped, but I don't know why.

Friday - my regularly scheduled day off. :)

Saturday - Today, Jeremy did the Liberty 70.3. I might write a review, but maybe not. It was a great park. The kids played at the playground, we brought bubbles and sidewalk chalk, and enough snacks to feed an army of preschoolers. And then we swam in the lake. Between all this fun, we cheered wildly for Bethany's first Oly and Jeremy's first 70.3!! Yay!!

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  1. Oh you should write a Liberty review - from a different perspective and all. I can't wait to hear more about it. I also can't believe you guys were out there all day. Amazing. I hope to run with a Ragnar team here too. I hear it's a blast if you have a good team.