Friday, September 7, 2012

Running at the Y

Ivy is finishing up her third day of kindergarten today. My plan is to head over to the Y a few days a week while she's at school.

Two things about today:

  • Ivy asked Jamey to draw a picture for her at the Y. I said, "You can have the teacher write For Ivy on it." He looked at me and laughed. "You're joking!! Ivy is 5.

  • Livy fell asleep on the 4 minute drive over to the Y, so I told the teacher that if she put Livy in the swing she'd probably go back to sleep. I went up to the Dreadmill and got in 1.5 miles before the pager went off. I just thought she was not putting up with the swing and was screaming still. Ha! I got down there, and she was passed out in the swing. They were re-programming the pagers and set mine off on accident. So I went back upstairs and did the 5k program on the treadmill. 3.2 miles. So, after I got the kids and got in the car, I started doing the math. I ran 4.7 miles today, right? If I had known that while I was there, I'd have just done an extra 3/10 and hit 5 miles. Next time! 


  1. Ha! This is probably the most we've gotten out of the gym since before kids!

  2. That's a totally solid run. I hate running on the treadmill though.

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