Saturday, October 13, 2012

Scenic Byway 5k

My neighbor and I ran the Scenic Byway 5k down in Belle Plaine this morning. She just finished up the Couch to 5k program, and she's fast ... faster than me. 

The really silly thing about me doing this race is that I've been running maybe five times since the disastrous Fargo Half in May. Two of those times were with Nikki, and the other three have been at the Y. 

This is just the second year for this race, so there aren't a ton of people who do it: 210 people are listed in the results. I'm listed 148/210. Total time 35:06. Pace 11:18. Nikki was 101/210. Total time 31:12. Pace 10:03. 

The amazing thing is that Nikki said she was shooting for 31 min. And right before the start, I told Jeremy I was going for 35. And we both hit our goals!

It was fun to go out and run and not be horrible. I felt good and enjoyed the run. I mean, I was working hard, but I'm glad I didn't feel like dying and I'm really glad I had fun. 

Nikki and I started out together, but I told her to run her race and not wait for "slow poke Amanda." :) She's just faster than me, it's more fun to do your best. 

The course was f-l-a-t. Except for a slight incline at the beginning (at the same downhill at the very end). It was all through town, but there were people out cheering, and the volunteers were super nice. 

Jeremy had our kids, and Nikki's hubby had their two kids. They had fun playing at the playground--there were two bounce houses and a merry-go-round. And even though it was a little chilly, they all did great. The nice thing about a 5k is that it's short enough so no one gets bored or cold. At the finish, the kids were very eager for their own bottles of water and bananas. 

Nikki & me before the start

Passing the family at the start

Nikki passing the family at the finish

All three kids ran to the finish with me

Here we go!

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