Thursday, November 1, 2012

Training Rules

My in-laws have rules set up surrounding training and racing. It never has occurred to me to sit down and set up some rules. But I think it's a good idea so there aren't hurt feelings or resentment about how time is spent.

These apply to both adults in our house.

  1. You have to participate in family life, even if you got up at 4am to swim for hours or bike a million miles. You can't come home and sleep the day away. Weekends are family time, too. 
  2. Life will go on, even if you're training. The rest of the family isn't sitting around waiting for the fun to start when you get home.
  3. Always wear your Road ID and always carry your phone.
  4. Leave notes outlining your route--biking or running--and what time you left and how long you think it'll take. 
  5. Don't go training in the dark. That's what the YMCA is for. 
I sometimes think we need to work out balance of who is doing what when. But for the most part, I think the training schedule is fine. It works out. It doesn't seem like we have too much conflict over it, and I'm learning to be more assertive about things I want to do, so I don't feel left out or like Jeremy always gets to do whatever he wants. 

Also, now that these rules are written down, I see that they're not new. We agreed to these years ago when Jeremy started training. And it doesn't seem like we ever had to have a talk about it. This is the way it's been. Well, 1 & 2 are works in progress, but no one's perfect. 

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