Thursday, May 30, 2013

Randy's Run 5k

Read Jeremy's Race Report :) This is the un-race report.

It was cold and rainy. I didn't want to jog around the lake for 45 minutes to an hour with the 3 kids and the BOB in that weather. Also, everyone there looked speedy. And there were only two other strollers--and those dads both finished in less than 30 minutes.

So, the kids and I waited at Purgatory Creek Park (which is just a parking lot and shelter at the edge of a lake, not a creek). 

A 5k is so different from even a sprint triathlon. From start to finish, it was done in about an hour. 

There was a short "program" before the race. Randy's Run is to honor a soldier who died in Afghanistan in 2009. The race raises money for a scholarship. 

During the run, the kids played in puddles, tried to take all the balloons off the finish line, and then started cheering for the finishers. And really, 55 doesn't sound that cold, but it was. Our toes and hands and noses were icy. 

After Jeremy finished, we wandered around a bit and ate Dilly Bars and bananas. Either a reporter or the official race photographer took a bunch of pictures of the kids dancing and trying to get free massages. 

We were trying to stick it out until the awards, but the kids were complaining of the cold and rain. Jeremy tried enticing Ivy to stay with "We get to see the mayor!" Ivy looked at him and said, "A mommy horse is a mare." 

In the end, I took the kids to the van to warm up and then we just ended up leaving. Hopefully, Minnesota is going to warm up and stop precipitating one of these days. 

Tying her racing shoes

Not at all interested in getting up

"more pictures!"

Eating some cereal

Racing Day

Waiting out the rain

Playing in the rain :) 

It's soooooo cold

Ready to run!

Where's Daddy?

Ahh, water. 

Best seat in the house :) 

Dilly Bars

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