Tuesday, March 3, 2015

First few days of training

On Sunday, I did a 60-min walk on the treadmill. Now that this season Downton Abbey is finished, I have to find something else to watch. 

Monday was "strength and stretch." I found this app called 7-minute workout or something like that. It's 12 exercises (30 seconds each) with 10 seconds of rest between. It was easy in that it was short, but it was hard work. Livy did it with me. She kept telling me to "do it like this" or "you have to stand like this" if I wasn't doing exactly what the stick figure was doing. 

Today was a 3 mile run. I did that at the YMCA. 

I've been regularly going to yoga classes at the Y since January. This Half training is going to make yoga days a little busier, but I figured out today that it's best to go to yoga first and then do my run. It just is less stressful with getting the girls to KidStuff and getting "my spot" in class. 

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