Friday, March 13, 2015

Changing the training schedule

Because our favorite swimming teacher has decided to abandon us for a great job in Chicago, we've had to accelerate Josey's swimming schedule. We weren't going to start her in lessons until Fall Session, but I want to do a session with Mat, so I signed her up for this Spring Session. I hope Mat knows this means we like him a lot and are really going to miss him because I've had to give up my Friday morning yoga class so Josey can be in his 9:30 Baby 2 class. 

So with that schedule change, I switched around basically the whole training schedule. Part of that was eliminating the two days I had both short workouts and yoga. It just wasn't happening. 

Between the six of us, we have 13 swim "classes" every week in April and May. 

Josey is eating an apple right this very second, and she is so adorable, I had to take a picture. 

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