Monday, February 8, 2016

Training this week: Feb 1 - Feb 7

Sooooo, it's Week 3 of training, and I have yet to do all the workouts. I feel like this doesn't bode well for racing. There are a lot of weeks left, but hopefully this trend doesn't continue. I spent a good chunk of Friday last week putting together a new schedule for life. We use Google Calendar for everything. We have like 13 calendars to keep track of, so when I print the Google calendar, it never looks like I want it to. I used good ol' Word to create a table of All the Things.

PICTURE OF THE SCHEDULE HERE (as you can see, I never did take a picture)

Inevitably things change--mostly things get added, things rarely get taken off--but this is maybe going to give me a better One Stop Shop for keeping track of what's going on and what seven minutes I have to get a workout in. :)

I know, I know. I have two different rows for cleaning & chores. I admit to being more Type A when it comes to the state of the house. Clutter stresses me out, so I clean. I also think the act of cleaning is cathartic.

Mon 2/1: Strength. Last time I took I took Josey to the Y, she cried a lot, but a friend of ours was working in there, so she could calm Josey down. She wasn't there this morning. Strength and swimming 1700 was on the agenda. I did a circuit on the weight machines upstairs and then headed down to get in the pool. I figured if I hadn't gotten paged in 15 minutes, all was well. Of course, not so. I got my suit on and was heading in to the pool, when a Kids Stuff worker walked in looking for me. I don't take a pager when I'm going to the pool, because they aren't water proof. Anyway, I got home and did another strength workout from Coach. No swimming.

Tues 2/2: Workout. I ran 35 minutes on the treadmill at home one of these days.

Wed 2/3: Workout. Notes

Thurs 2/4: Workout. Notes

Fri 2/5: Workout. Notes

Sat 2/6: Swim. Bethany and I went to the YMCA to swim. She had a workout from the Master's group, so we did part of that. 1900 yards. 

Sun 2/7: Workout. Notes

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