Sunday, January 31, 2016

Training This Week: Jan 25-31

I spent a good chunk of time reviewing the training plan and the weekly schedule and came up with something that will hopefully work a little better -- at least this week.

Mon 1/25: Swim 1600 & Strength. I haven't been swimming (not including with the kids or teaching lessons) in ages. It was good to be back in the pool. Determined I need a new suit. Did another set of workouts from the app.

Tues 1/26: FLU. I was supposed to bike 50 & run 40, but Josey did a lot of puking during the night. We couldn't go to the YMCA. Instead, I got a good strength workout from the Coach and did that. Also did 30 min of flexibility yoga with the kids. At least it wasn't supposed to be relaxing.

Wed 1/27: Run 35 & Bike 45. On the schedule was run 50. Spent the whole day helping with preschool or in the car running kids to and fro. Then Livy's swimming lesson and out to dinner to celebrate Ezra's first job.

Thurs 1/28: FLU. The plan was to drop Ivy & Jamey off at school, go to the Y for a bike & run, then go to Josey's swimming lesson. Well, Livy puked 6 times during the night, so scratch that. Then I got sick. Jeremy came home early to take care of everything, and I even skipped teaching swimming lessons and went to bed at 8. Ivy stayed home from Family Fun Night at school, so there's a real clue of who got sick next.

Fri 1/29: FLU No school today. Ivy laid low most of the day. Livy had a bit of a fever.

Sat 1/30: FLU Jamey woke me up at 2am, with "Mom, I puked on the bathroom floor." Super gross. He puked a bunch more during the night and into the mid morning--he skipped the first day of his swim meet. By evening, it seemed like everyone was over it!

Sun 1/31: FLU Ha ha ha! All the kids are fine. I'm puking again. Ugh!

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