Friday, January 27, 2012

Cross Training

I've been reading on the World Wide Web about cross training. It seems like there are three thoughts about it:

  • Do it! It's important for the well-being of your athleticism.
  • Don't do it! It's a waste of time. If you want to be a runner, run. If you want to be a cyclist, bike. 
  • Do it ... if you're prone to injury or get bored in a single sport.
I am going to be cross training quite a bit. I'm going to swim twice a week and do yoga once a week. 

I have had an ankle/foot injury in the past (Tibialis Posterior Tendon). I don't want to repeat that--the pain, the time off, the medicine, the getting back in shape. 

I enjoy swimming and will appreciate the upper body workout. I think swimming is a great total body workout, good for overall conditioning. I think it will help my breathing even while running. 

I think my whole body and mind will appreciate the yoga. The quiet, the stretching, the calm. I get relaxed just thinking about it. 

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