Friday, January 27, 2012

A day in my life

I'm feeling super busy all the time but never feel like I get anything done. Someone suggested keeping track of what I do for a day to see all I'm accomplishing. So here's Thursday, January 26. Keeping track of everything I do is hard work. :)

Midnight - 6am

Baby finally fell asleep at midnight, so I went to bed. Kid 2 came in our bed at 2am. Kid 1 followed at about 2:15. At 2:30, I took them both back to their beds. Baby is teething, so she's not as comfortable sleeping. She nursed a couple times during the night.

6am - Noon

Kid 1 woke up at 7 and came in our room. Checked my email, facebook and blogs on the phone while Ivy looked out the window and played with the condensation. We got up at 7:30. Unloaded the dishwasher. Got breakfast for her. Noticed Hubby forgot his lunch. Because he's trying to not lose any more weight, texted with him about getting lunch to him. Decided to play at the Mall. Packed the diaper bag. Moved the jogging strollers out of the car and put in the “mall stroller.” Put on makeup, did my hair, got Kid 1 dressed, combed her hair. Kid 2 woke up. Read three books to them. Changed Kid 2's diaper. Got him breakfast. Got myself dressed. Made the beds. Got Baby dressed. Nursed her. Got Kid 2 dressed. Found my car keys. Contemplated a car wash. Put Kid 2 in timeout for screaming while I start this. Leave the house at 9:30 to get lunch to Hubby before his long day of meetings starts. Feed the fish. Drop off Hubby's lunch. Sit while the kids play at the mall. Make a dentist appt for me—the fillings I got awhile ago are killing me. Walk to Barnes & Noble to look through K curriculum while the kids play with the Thomas table. Take Kid 1 potty. Nurse Baby. Wrangle the kids out of the mall and away from the food court.

Noon - 6pm

Drive toward home. Get a car wash. Pick up cheese rollups for the kids. Install the convertible car seat for Baby. Eat a yogurt. Take a grapefruit out to eat. Baby starts screaming. Try to nurse her down for a nap. While doing that, decide to send the kids out to play and run while they're outside. Aha! Baby doesn't go to sleep! I guess I'll send the kids outside anyway and clean up until she goes down for a nap. Eat that grapefruit. Change diapers. Get the kids dressed in snow stuff and send them outside. Pick up basement and upstairs. Pick up Baby's toys. Wipe down kitchen counters and table. Dust living room. Find my sunglasses. Look up Turn on Pandora. Clean the bathroom while holding Baby because she cries every time I put her down. Mediate a fight between the kids about pushing each other down the hill on a sled. Get Baby happy in the exersaucer, so maybe I can sweep. Sweep & mop the kitchen & living room. Put those rooms back together. Put on my running clothes because then I'll be ready to run when Baby goes down for a nap. Help kids pick up toys outside. Find almond loaf pan & recipe in case I want to make that tonight. Wipe down the deck doors. Start a blog post about vitamins. Nurse Baby. Get annoyed that she doesn't fall asleep. Put the kids' snow stuff away. Get the mail. Put away the sleds. Put a sweet potato in the microwave. Order vitamins for me. Put extra toilet paper in the kitchen bathroom. Eat sweet potato. Fold & put away a load of laundry. Wash Kid 1's swimming suit and deck curtains. Turn on Sprout for the kids—hoping to sit for a few minutes while the washer goes and maybe Baby will eventually take nap so I can get on the treadmill. What should we have for dinner?? Rescue Baby from "pretending to walk" with Kid 1. Put away art supplies. Start the "Santa Clause" movie for the kids. Set the table for dinner. Aside from salad, I have no idea what we're having. Baby is crying, so maybe she'll finally take a nap. Put curtains & swimming suit in the dryer. Finally got Baby to sleep at 4:30. Decided to make quesadillas and rice for dinner. 30 minutes on the treadmill!! There is nothing like a workout to calm me down. Whew! Closed the curtains. Got the rice cooking. Shredded cheese. Took a shower. Baby woke up. Got the dark clothes downstairs to the washing machine. Got Baby's bath stuff together. Mediate another fight about toys. Pick up the playroom. Nurse Baby. Change her diaper.

6pm - Midnight

Cut Baby's fingernails. Read through the ABC Scrapbooks from Auntie Bethany. Hubby got home!! Make quesadillas. Eat dinner. Clean the kitchen. Track daily calories. Bathe Baby and get her dressed. Get the Big 2 in the tub. Put dark clothes in dryer. Iron and hang deck curtains. Hold sad baby. Give her tylenol. Hold sleeping baby while she naps for 45 minutes. Play Tiny Tower on the phone. Give kisses to Big 2. Feed the fish. Drink some Emergen-C. Start the dishwasher. Fold load of laundry. Pacify still sad baby. Watch TV. Take Baby to bed at 10. Hope she stays asleep tonight!

And that's a day in my life. Whew!

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