Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Honoring Sherry Arnold

As a running mother, I will be dedicating my 5k on Saturday to Sherry Arnold

See, Another Mother Runner's post about it. Or Shut Up and Run's post. Or this one

If you can run to honor Sherry, print this bib, take a picture, and send it to and/or 

Here's the last paragraph from Another Mother Runner's post:
Remember Sherry when you don’t want to run. When you’re dragging and are fighting the run with every ounce of your being; when you get to mile 11 of a half-marathon and are cursing the last 2.1; when the ___________ (rain, hills, wind, your IT Band, whatever the handicap du jour may be) is making your legs feel leaden and your heart even heavier, remember Sherry. You get to be a runner and feel the wind, the road, your quads, your exhaustion, your smile. Lucky, lucky you.

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