Monday, July 22, 2013

Un-Race Report: Chaska Tri

Read Jeremy's race report for the official stuff.

I love races that are close to our house. Firemen's Park in Chaska was about a 30 minute drive--maybe less. We left the house around 6:30, and there were still volunteers and racers showing up when we got there at 7. The volunteer who showed us where to park said the water was 88 degrees but that a lot of people had wetsuits. Seemed crazy to me.

Here is my wish for our last couple races: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spray for mosquitos. The bugs are so bad this summer. Livy has a million bug bites all over, and all three kids are constantly complaining "I'm itchy!"

We found Daddy!

Ivy & Sunny Bunny came to cheer.

We were standing at a chain-link fence. The kids were SCREAMING for Jeremy to wave. :) 

The park had a nice little playground and a beach. For some reason, they closed the beach after the swim, so we couldn't go in the super warm water.
Also, our kids are the only ones wearing Support Gear. We get lots of comments. FYI: I ordered these shirts from Cafepress, and they have tons of selection. Lots of cute shirts.

Livy's dancing to the Finish Line Music.

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