Monday, July 15, 2013

Un-Race Report: Lifetime Tri Mlps

Read Jeremy's race report, yo!

This race is at Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis. Nice big park with lots of trails and fields. There is a small playground on the beach where the swim is, but nothing else close to the race site. Last year, they had a bounce house, face painting, and a Kids Dance DJ.

I'm guessing because of the storms the night before and still in the morning, none of that got set up. Because seriously, it was like walking in a bog at the whole park. Inches of water everywhere. And for some reason muddy ground smells like poop. So it was gross. The kids had a blast playing in the sand, on the playground, and in all the puddles.

So during the night before the race, I woke up to thunderstorms and wondered if the race would be cancelled. When my alarm went off at 6, I hadn't heard Jeremy leave, so I thought it had been. Shortly thereafter, Jeremy & I exchanged texts that he was at the race and it was still down pouring. I followed LifeTimeTri on Twitter to keep up with the news and reset my alarm for 7.

The race start was delayed until 9, and Jeremy was in Wave 43. So we left the house at 9. Parking at the race is just in the neighborhood by the park. Both years, we've park on the streets behind Fat Tony's or whatever it's called. It's about a mile walk to the race site. Which doesn't sound bad, and in the morning, it's not. After 4 hours in the sun--hot, tired, hungry, thirsty, that walk to the car is killer. Plus the kids were all barefoot, so I was pushing them all on the stroller.

I do like going to the same races over and over because I know what to expect and where to go and how to get good pictures. That being said, I didn't get many good pictures this time, probably because I forgot to set my timer when Jeremy got in the water, so I wasn't sure of his splits. He caught me off guard at Swim Finish and Bike In.

Here are a few pictures that probably won't make his race report.

Whoever thought of this is a GENUIS! Seriously, race directors everywhere should take note. If your race site has curbs, nail together some 2x4s and make an instant ramp. Oh my goodness! Makes getting that jogger with three kids loaded on up the curbs so easy. Thank you!!

Waiting to see Jeremy off the bike

Jamey cried the entire time Jeremy was running.

Ah, puddles! There was another huger one that came up to Livy's thighs while she was walking. And yes, she did fall over in it at least once. 

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