Sunday, July 28, 2013

Waseca Kids Tri

We've been looking for a kids tri for both Ivy & Jamey to do that fit in our schedule. Not easy this summer.

Here it is: A Tri in Pictures

Livy slept the whole way to Waseca (about an hour drive). She was not happy to be awake. 

Getting set up in transition. I was impressed that the whole race was set up for the "grown up race" on Sunday, but the kids used the transition area, so it was a long run from the beach to the bikes and it's a big transition area for 15 kids to run through.

Body marking could not possibly get any cooler. They are still strutting race numbers and ages--just like Daddy. 

Oh my gosh! Even swim caps!! with their race numbers on them. Ivy is super excited to show her swimming teacher her "Racing Cap."

This boy is soooooooo excited! He smiled the entire race. People along the course commented more than once, "Look how happy he is." Totally thrilled. 

Timing Chips. Does it get any better?

Because I'm not the resident triathlete, I got "The Bag" packed for the race--cowbells, water bottles, sunscreen, bug spray. We got there, and we had no swimming goggles. Thankfully, Waseca is the size of our neighborhood, so I ran up to Walmart real fast. No goggles there, but the Dollar General across the street had ONE PACK of goggles left. 

Ivy jammed an entire granola bar in her mouth hoping to finish it so she could eat the last one.

Ha! The granola bar winner!

"The Trainers" as Ivy & Jamey called them

Look at that boy run! The kids were both disappointed that no one in the 4-6 age group actually swam. All the kids just ran through the water. Ivy stayed behind and started last. She has a big bunch of scraps on one foot from falling off her bike the other day (She was trying to ride with no hands), and she was afraid her wound would hurt. Also, she said there were crabs in the water and "too many weeds." 

Heading out of transition. While they were "transitioning," Jamey said several times, "This is so awesome!" 

Going to bike! Ivy loves biking the best.

The course was a mile long, so "the trainers" did not run along with them. Both kids ride too fast to keep up with.

Speed Racer got new running shoes before the race and was super thrilled with lots of "Cool Sneakers" comments from the sidelines.

Jamey said after the race that he turned the wrong way and a lady showed him where to go and helped him get started on his bike. When he got to dismount, he wanted to "just walk" so Jeremy took the bike while Jamey ran.

All smiles all morning!

Out to the run. Which they said was a long run. I think it was 1/2 mile. 

Working so so hard

All done! and excited about her own "racing water bottle"

Racing snacks are the best

To the finish! Jamey even gave Ivy a high five as he ran by. 

He was so tired. Huffing and puffing. 

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