Saturday, August 24, 2013

Maple Grove race site

I hate this race site. I feel bad that I totally despise it so much, because Jeremy really likes it. 

The disaster starts the second we park at Boston Scientific. The school bus shuttle to Weaver Lake Park is a school bus. The drivers are not helpful to this very pregnant lady lugging a bag of water bottles and snacks and the double Bob stroller. Old people are super rude in line and don't let the kids on the shuttle with the stroller, so I have to take the stroller back off and wait for the next bus. Finally we get on and drive over--totally fine. But this year, they drop us off on the "other side" of transition. 

We walk the 1/4 mile to the park to find we can't get anywhere close to seeing the swim. And there are a million barricades set up so we can't get around to the other side without walking up and down the stupidest hills I've ever seen at a spectator area. 

The part that really irks me is that the race website touts this as the awesomest venue for a race ever. And all I can think is that they've never been to another triathlon. 

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