Monday, September 23, 2013

Swimming Laps

I've been swimming laps at the YMCA every MWF for about a month now. Every time I'm there, there is an "Active Older Adult" water fitness class going on. Several of these cute "older" ladies have talked to me in the locker room and even in the pool.

Several ladies have mentioned that swimming will make labor so much easier and that it's so great to see me working out.

One woman this morning said I look like I could go any second--she couldn't believe I have four weeks until my due date. Don't I know it, Lady?

In the pool this morning, a woman asked me "How many laps do you swim?"  When I told her I have no idea because I lose track after about four laps, she asked what my workout is.

  • I swim for 20 minutes.
  • Then I kick 100 yards.
  • Then I rest for a minute or two. Floating is amazing!
  • Repeat once or twice, depending on how I'm feeling or what else I have going on.
She acted super amazed that I was doing so much. And that got me thinking for my last kick set. :) 

If I compare myself to other people, I'm not doing a lot. 
  • Jeremy does a lot of working out. He's going for a 10k PR in Nov.
  • My SIL did Ironman this summer and just did an 8-mile swim relay this weekend. And she signed up for another Ironman.
  • My brother just signed up for his 4th or 5th marathon this year.
  • I have lots of friends who are doing 10k or half marathons this fall.
But then, compared to some other friends, I am working out a bunch.

So, what it comes down to is that we can't compare to other people. It's all about pushing yourself and competing with your own progress. 


  1. Do you flip turn while pregnant? I haven't done any laps since we gave up our membership, and I've always pictured flip turns being difficult in the state we're in. :)

  2. You are growing a human. Jeremy can't say he's doing THAT! :)