Sunday, June 7, 2015

Race Review: Minneapolis Half Marathon

I did the Minneapolis Half on May 31.

Training went pretty well. I ended up babysitting our neighbors 3 & 5 year old boys for six weeks, so my midweek runs got nixed quite a bit. It was difficult to get them in with afternoon preschool and morning swimming lessons and our big kids school & swimming schedules.

My first 10 weeks of long runs were great. Then I got this weird cough that is still hanging on. My 11 mile run was killer. The first four miles sucked so bad. I was slow, and my legs were heavy. Then at four miles, I broke through the funk. I didn't go any faster, but I felt better.

Packet Pickup
After the last track meet, we all drove down to the Depot in Minneapolis. Parking was a breeze and cheap. We walked right in, got my chip, and picked up a shirt. There was no other schwag. The kids did get to make sunglasses at the State Farm booth. We were in and out in about 30 minutes.

Race Day
We left the house at 6ish to make the 7:30 start. It was a little early, but we were sure how far I had to walk from the drop off to the start. It was about 100 yards. It was chilly! Maybe 40 and a little breezy.

An official photographer got me in a pic at the start.

I was hoping for 12:30s. I was a little slower than that (13:04). But I had a great race, and it was a fun experience.

I texted Jeremy at the first water stop (mile 2) to tell him I had settled in with a pace group. Then they stopped, seriously stopped, and chatted and played on their phones. I decided not to wait around for them. 

I followed a group of guys in bright orange shirts to the Mile 4 water stop. I texted Jeremy as I was approaching the stop, so he'd be able to estimate when I'd finish. I looked up and saw Jeremy & the kids just past the 4 mile mark. It was so fun to see them out there yelling and high giving. 

At Mile 6, I lost the Orange Guys. We all walked through the water stop, and they just walked faster than I did. My iPod died a little before Mile 8. Texted Jeremy again where I was, and again looked up to see them on the side of the road!! 

The last half was rougher, because I HATE running without music. Also, the last 2 miles were practically all up hill. Killer on me. 

I didn't have a time goal--just to finish and have fun. I did that. 

Turns out Jeremy and the kids played at a park, went to Cub for donuts, and cheered me on. They had a great morning. Josey was a little miffed that she saw me, and I just ran off. 

The finish line was on the trail behind the Guthrie. It was a great location. 

I'd do this race again. The water stops were great and well placed. The volunteers were nice. There weren't many spectators, but I was at the tail end of the race. 

I've signed up for the Scenic Byway half in Belle Plaine on Oct 10. 

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