Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The reasons behind the racing

I am starting 70.3 training this week. 70.3--that's a half ironman. 1.2 miles swimming, 56 miles biking, and 13.1 running.

This has come about for a variety of reasons.

  1. My sister-in-law has done several different Ironman races, none of which are Madison. So, I've been encouraging Jeremy to do it with her. It's so fun to be at races and cheer and I don't have to race then. The snafu is that Jeremy has done a few half iron races, and he has no interest in doing a full. In a moment of who knows what, I thought something like, "I should commemorate my 40th birthday with something big, and it should be Madison." I promptly texted Amy, and it was agreed. So, now if I'm doing IMoo in Sept 2017, I have to do a half this year to make sure I won't die. 
  2. I was feeling like I should do something big in my life so I'm not so blah. I have zero intention of making Ironman a habit. I know, I know. This may prove to be fateful, and I'll become an Ironman Junkie. If it happens, it wasn't pre-planned. 
  3. And lastly, which feels the most cliche and hokey: my dad committed suicide about a year ago. He did not take care of his physical health or his mental health. I admit it has had me a little freaked out. I remember standing in my mom's kitchen in the days after he died, telling someone "I do not want to end up like that." So, last Feb I got back on the anti-anxiety meds. It's amazing to me how much that has helped my life. I lost 18 pounds in 2015 (not the 25 I wanted, but I've also decided to be gracious to myself). I still need to address the eating habits, but good grief, that's the hardest one. I'm doing things that make me happy: getting involved at a church we all like, reading "Peace Like a River" and the Mitford series as many times as I want, yoga, and the new big house. 
I have lots of comments to make about scheduling all this training, but I'm going to save that for another post.

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