Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Training This Week: Jan 18-24

Oh sheesh! My fab SIL is now an Ironman Coach, so she has written me up a plan for the Liberty 70.3.

Mon 1/18: stretch 30 min. As family, we used the new Apple TV to download a Yoga app and did "family yoga." This mainly consists of fighting over floor space and the 2-yr-old climbing all over me.

Tues 1/19: Swim & Strength. No swimming because I discovered I don't have a swim cap or goggles. Huh. In a house full of swimmers, not an extra pair of adult goggles anywhere. Did the 7-minute strength workout (from another app) four times.

Wed 1/20: Run 35 & Bike 45. My sister was home from work for the day, so I went to the YMCA for the workout. My tush is not used to biking.

Thurs 1/21: Swim & Strength. Again no swimming because I have to work the schedule differently. I did approximately 1 million situps and pushups.

Fri 1/22: Bike Intervals & run 35. Nope.

Sat 1/23: Run 40 & swim 30. Nada. However, we did go out to celebrate our 11th anniversary.

Sun 1/24: Bike 60 & run 15. Nothing.

I was feeling very discouraged about the training plan, but after several conversations, I decided not to throw in the towel.

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